Deploy your own IPTV service

Our company has been working to develop and improve its own IPTV solutions for more than a decade now. During this time we have accumulated great experience and know-how in deploying IPTV and Mobile TV services both with small telecom companies and large mobile carriers. This includes all the details starting from the head-end (sourcing the channels), to compression and compatibility with various devices, to CDN (content delivery network), to integrating the billing and security modules with 3rd party systems from each telco and ending with clients for various devices (browsers, phones, tablets, set-top-boxes, smart TVs). We have worked with customers from Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

How we can help you:

- our platform can accept input from any live source such as satellite dish, analog cable TV, DVB-T or 3rd party streams. We can help you with know-how on how to configure your head-end in terms of getting the raw feed into the encoders (dishes and LNBs, multiswitches, tv-cards, dvb-s receivers etc). Also we will guide you with the necessary hardware required by your service depending on number of channels, targeted devices and so on. We can even send our engineers to help you with the deployment of the head-end. Also we can use our own head-end to capture and encode the channels for your (if applies depending on geographical coverage).

- CDN (content delivery network): to reach as many end-users as possible you will need to deploy publishing points (servers carrying the streams) as close as possible to your customers. PBX Telecom already has a well established CDN across Europe and North America. We can provide our own CDN to you or we can guide you on how to use cloud datacenters to push your streams to your end-users reliable, secure and cost efficient.

- billing and security: we can integrate any billing method you wish in order to charge your customers for the services provided. By default the system comes with Paypal and SMS payment options (where available). We can also add payments by credit card, scratch card and so on. In case of mobile carriers and other large telcos we can integrate the billing module with existing systems through various ways (webservices, soap, http get/post etc).

- targeted devices: through our platform you can target set-top-boxes, phones and tablets through WIFI or 3G, desktop browsers compatible with any operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and through Windows application which contains many features such as Go-Live, recording, 24/7 re-runs and so on. Also we are working on solutions to deploy IPTV services directly to smart TVs such as Samsung Smart TV.

Drop us an email with a few details about your service (number of channels, targeted devices, environment (over internet, WIFI/WIMAX or 3G/LTE networks) and we will be happy to help you -

Also please browse through our Mobile TV and IPTV sections for specs and more detailed information about our platform's capabilities.

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