PBX TV Hotspots

PBX TV Hotspots is the ultimate wireless triple play pre-paid service around. Wireless means that you won't have to bother with cables inside and around your home. Triple play means internet - television - phone. Pre-pay means that you don't have to subscribe each month for services that you don't use regularly. Pay just for how long you want without the legal binding of a contract. Simply charge your account by sending a SMS, via Paypal or Credit Card online - you no longer need to leave your home to pay your internet or TV bill.

Based on proprietary technology, PBX TV Hotspots is the only service out there that works with any kind of WIFI device you already have (phones, computers, laptops, set-top-boxes etc). You don't need any extra hardware or wires to access indispensable services such as internet and TV. Simply use your current laptop or phone and there you are. Also, you can use our PBX TV STB that will bring live TV directly on your HD TV SET (A/V is also supported).

Availability: currently PBX TV Hotspots service is available in Calea 13 Septembrie and Pajura areas in Bucharest.

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