Services for TV Stations

We have developed special products and services especially designed for TV Stations such as live streaming and signal distribution to cable operators.

The full commercial offer can be found here - >>> download <<<

Please browse through our products below:

CATV Distribution

Want to greatly increase your viewer base by reaching nation wide viewers directly on their analog TV sets? Want to reduce the huge cost of satellite uplinking but at the same time keep your contracts with cable operators around the country? PBX Telecom is offering you the most cost effective solution to do just that!

Instead of sending satellite set-top-boxes to cable operators around the country, simply use our own set-top-boxes that work over internet using low bandwidth but keeping with highest quality of TV standard transmissions. We have developed the software that runs on these set-top-boxes to automatically resume streaming without supervision in case network problems occur, the interface will not display any error messages or logos and your channel will start automatically in case of power failure. You can use your own internet bandwidth or use our own infrastructure. For more information and commercial offer for this product please contact us at

Live streaming in your site

PBX Telecom has more then 5 years experience in web and mobile streaming. PBX TV is the largest web and mobile TV service in Romania. With this kind of experience as a background we are uniquely qualified to help your live TV stream reach as many users as possible. We also have the infrastructure to deliver the stream - the only thing remaining on your side is to embed our video player on your website (the traffic will be generated on our network).

We are also the best choice in streaming your content to mobile phones and tablets. Currently our mobile TV platform is being used by millions of users from Europe and Asia working with any smartphone or tablet available on the market (yes this includes iPad). For phones we offer you a 256 kbps stream that can work from any 3G network and for tablets a 512 kbps that can work from HSDPA or WIFI networks.

Please have a look at our current ongoing projects (in the Customers section) to see what other big players in the market are using our TV products and services. For more information and commercial offer please contact us at

Start your own channel

We have designed special packages containing everything required (hardware and software) to start a new TV channel. You will only need to focus on creating your content without the hassle of too much technical issues.

PBX TV Station Starter: this package contains encoder computer, encoding software, distribution through PBX TV service (reaching instantly over 300,000 viewers), live streaming on web and mobile (on your sites), two set-top-boxes for distribution to cable operators and one year subscription with PBX Telecom for maintenance.

PBX TV Station PRO: this package contains everything PBX TV Station Starter contains plus a laptop and camera for HD live transmissions, playout software (including the ability to switch between live and playlist).

Facebook and Android apps

Reach more of your viewers with a live streaming Facebook application. Your fans can watch live streaming and chat about your content. Also, we can also build an Android application that your viewers can download directly from Google Play providing easy access to your content on a very broad ranges of devices powered by Android such as phones, tablets, carputers and set-top-boxes.

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