Spectacole Online

Spectacole Online is the ultimate live broadcasting platform. The only service in Romania that is specialized in broadcasting live events in HD. This is suited for product launching, addressing the shareholders of a corporation, live shows etc. Maximize the number of viewers of your event by broadcasting in HD quality to computers, big screens and mobile phones alike.

Who can watch it: anyone with a computer running any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), anyone with a tablet (iPad or Android), anyone with a phone over 3G (iPhone, Android, Nokia etc). Your live event can also be viewed on large displays or projectors mounted in public squares powered by our set-top-boxes with full HD output.

What do you need: just take care of the show, we will do the rest. Our team will bring hardware equipment (HD camera, broadcasting laptop etc). The only thing required is an internet connection: 1 mbps for SD broadcast or 2.5 mbps for HD broadcast. We will push the live content through the provided connection to our datacenter in Bucharest where the live stream will be distributed through our national and international infrastructure. You don't even need a public IP address at the location site.

Consider us for your next event - think of the possibility to turn your event from a local one into an international one without having to worry about hardware and infrastructure. For more information and commercial offer please contact us at sales@pbxtelecom.net.

Also, don't forget to visit http://www.spectacoleonline.ro for the latest events and news!

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